How to Lose Friends On Social Media

A bit of a satire. A bit of a real.

If you haven’t spend a good share of time using social media or surfing the net for work, study, or whatever lifestyle purpose it serves you, then, you haven’t been bitten by the new normal syndrome.

This is probably the offshoot of the COVID-19 pandemic which forced everyone into a hibernation of sorts in social interaction.

These times, most gadgets seem to clank and honk beginning in the morning, working incessantly through the afternoon.

I am speaking of a usual routine for moms back home who have been relegated to a life of domesticity because work opportunities seem to belong to a bygone past.

The keyboard no matter how rusty, trusty, or new, has to work, toil and work ever since the new normal came.

Despite being an off-the-work chart, moms have to share their computer/s with their kid/s who are now geared for distance learning. So go share a bucket of app moms with kids. So there won’t be a gap in their education.

Who wouldn’t yield to this new normal lifestyle when almost everyone is on a social distancing phase? And many are afraid to go outside for a semblance of normalcy.

Doing grocery has to be spaced, shopping online is overrated, while connecting with friends and loved ones has to be kept at a low profile, or should I say long distance.

But for the unprepared in social media lingo, going online can be quite of a shock once you surf all the nitty-gritty content of many social media posts and comments on different issues hurled online.

I’m talking about above the rank topics that hug most feeds online like topics about the COVID-19 vaccine; the forthcoming elections; and even entertainment news.

Reading all these in one spell of free time can rub you off some negativity at the end of the day.

Yes, us old-fashioned moms can squeal this. Netsurfing these days are worlds apart from the early fledgling blogging days in 2005 when blogging is, at its early days of becoming popular in the country.

As there are rules in social interaction, there seem to be an unspoken rule as well in using social media nowadays. I refer to ethics in social media lingo and interaction.

Of course, we want to win friends and win work opportunities; but this article is not about that.

This is about the easy ways one can dispel a good climate of interaction in social media, hence the title, “How to Lose Friends On Social Media.”


Do not use !#* to express extreme expression.

Beware of those “special characters”.

With this, I mean one to be wary of using keyboard characters that have alternate meanings or purvey rude intention or thought.

An exclamation point such as using “!” at the end of a sentence or subheading, can express a loud sentiment or emotion and can encapsulate one’s message. But using it in red color (yes I have been seeing a lot), can actually subtly hint disrespect in tonality or voice.

Never use red in sentences. And please refrain from using an exclamation point in whatever social media interaction you engage in.

Mind your tone.

Try to stay away from using harsh words and tone in your sentence structure. Read and reread every sentence or comment you post.

We all talk differently. And write differently.

Some can be more formal. While others prefer to be light and conversational when talking online.

Know which one works best in the specific media you use. Whether it’s blogging, posting content on social media, or writing copy for an e-commerce site.

Each copy or post has to be an easy read and pleasant freer of negativity. It must not be bespoke with condescend phrases like “you cannot do this… or that”.

If your intent in writing is formal let it have boundaries and proper structuring.

If it’s conversational keep it friendly. Most content in social media are flat-out frank and has that “thinking aloud” innuendo.

Make sure the sentence, comment, or copy cannot offend many.

Don’t share everything on social media.

Practicing some sort of restraint in the use of social media can be ultimately good.

Back home a lot of people have fought, parted ways, and lost the good faith of their friends and FB acquaintances because they shared a lot already.

These are not just true for celebrities but even for ordinary people with the eagerness to make it big in social media.

But in their earnestness to earn a lot of followers and likes, they have to bite into the truth that their privacy and personal boundary can be put to a test already, just by commenting on social media.

So just to be safe, when one is so unsure if it will eventually gain a dislike and rather unfollows, it is best not to post, write or hint an opinion or lifestyle that is not acceptable to prevailing culture in one’s locality.

As social media patron, one has to really toe the line between what is needed and what must be kept private.

Sharing all can ultimately spell the easiest ways to lose many friends.

So, turn off the commenting feature. Or stop sharing posts. The buck stops with each and every individual online.

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How To Be A Mom When You’re Not That Young To Err

I got pregnant in my thirties. Now I’m in my forties, being a mom is still a phase to explore each step of the day. But it is  a route towards learning more and more.

The way of moms will not be the same for everyone.

It takes frequent self-introspection for moms who would like to make it right for their kid/s. It can require planning, making the right choices and being realistic when one is in the thrust of challenges.

How can one hurdle the situations related to parenting when one is past that young age already?  For first-time moms who are having their kid/s on the latter part of their lives, here are some things you must prepare for as a mom:


  • Learn to be street-smart.  If you have lived your life within the confines of your common home-office routine, then it is in your best interest to be smart beyond what every school book can tell. This means polishing your conversational skills when dealing with people; learning new ways to cook or adjusting to different social situations that can require you to get out of your “learned” space (or how you  usually do things the way you were taught at home, in school or in your work place). Being street-smart can prepare you to reinvent yourself as a woman. It can also  allow you to be more knowledgeable of the things around you allowing you to cope in situations that require you to use skills instead of using set learnings.
  • Push your goals but not your boundaries.  Try not to settle and stick with what’s within your means if you want to achieve more.  Dream the possibilities of success while staying rooted to your motivations. You can push to achieve more of your goals. But remind yourself not to extend a divisive line that keeps you secured. Know when to hold back on your plans when needed to.
  • Patience is the word. Dealing with a kid as a first-time mom in your older years can put you in surprising or socially-challenging situations.  Kid/s can demand just like adults, be pesky when asking for things, while appearing wiser than their real age. A kid can outsmart and take your sash for being witty and the “most prepared mom”, when they want to. Patience truly helps.
  •  You need to envision how you want your parenting style turns out to be.  With or without a partner or a hubby, a mom must stay financially-stable, while remaining idealistic of how she wants her parenting style should be. A mom must also support her kid’s ambition and goals and try to make these happen.


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Take it easy and enjoy your day as a mom.

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Mistakes in Job hunting and Why You Must Keep on Trying

Job hunting is tough when you’re young. But it can be more of a challenge when you’re a “comeback-er”. I am using the word to mean, you probably went on a hiatus and eager to pick up where you left off in your career. You can be a housewife, an expat, an overseas worker, or a career-shifter, but this is how I call it:

you’re a “comebacker” in your career.

What must you expect when you’re at this stage, and you want to continue practicing your profession?

What else but more competition.

It doesn’t really go fewer as you age, moms, women.

You can read a lot of potentials from the resumes or job posts in your research. All of these can be pretty good, compared to yours.

But as a “mature” or “older” applicant (pardon the adjective, dearies), how can you get by and make your resume a standout despite this perceived disadvantage?

Having said, you can’t count on your previous work experience. Because the work culture has changed since then.

With or without competition, I’ve always been vocal about the way opportunities must be equal for housewives and moms.

Because moms need a job out of a simple need: they also have to provide, to complement the purse of home needs.

Maybe the pressure is not just as evenly as men; but women can feel the same stress to have some kind of work. Moms and dads ought to keep it real, really.  

Suffice to say there must be a gleam of hope for women who wants to be productive despite having given their all, to childbirth.

Will it be a futile attempt to compete with younger applicants and simply try another career path?

Or must women settle in their “vocation”?

As a friendly help, here are some tips for moms who want to find their way back into the job-hunting phase.

Load yourself with these know-hows.

Common Mistakes of Experienced Applicants:

Relying on past laurels.

Yup. Make your achievements thoughtfully forgotten.

You can make it a hashtag in your resume, digital or printed.

But truth is, your past work will not have as much weight as before.

Current work qualifications require fluency of technology. And more “traditional job applicants” can take time to work on this qualification.

If you must hype on your past laurels, downplay it a little.  Highlight instead on what you’ve learned or what improvement you did, to level up your skills while being away from work.

Having an “unimpressive” resume.

It is so easy to download a resume template. And maybe rehash your old favorite resume format. But make it worth your while, when job-hunting, to give your dated resume a fresh look.

The specifics of your resume can be repetitive, maybe constant.

Give your resume some breadth by giving it a different layout, design or key phrases instead.

Most importantly, make your career goals as concrete or direct as needed.

Employers have to know your goals for the job- whether you prefer a homebased or office-based work.

Confidently comparing.

Although learning the ropes of the new workscape can you push you to compare qualifications to younger applicants, the newbies are more prepared for the competition. 

Stay focused instead and wait for your call. You may not be at liberty to choose the job you want  because age can work against you.

But then, somewhere, someone will find your qualifications enough to merit a position in a company or in the job you really like.

Compete when you can but compare less, with the younger applicants. Don’t forget to  own that confidence to try and try your shot in job-hunting, moms, women.

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