How to Lose Friends On Social Media

A bit of a satire. A bit of a real.

If you haven’t spend a good share of time using social media or surfing the net for work, study, or whatever lifestyle purpose it serves you, then, you haven’t been bitten by the new normal syndrome.

This is probably the offshoot of the COVID-19 pandemic which forced everyone into a hibernation of sorts in social interaction.

These times, most gadgets seem to clank and honk beginning in the morning, working incessantly through the afternoon.

I am speaking of a usual routine for moms back home who have been relegated to a life of domesticity because work opportunities seem to belong to a bygone past.

The keyboard no matter how rusty, trusty, or new, has to work, toil and work ever since the new normal came.

Despite being an off-the-work chart, moms have to share their computer/s with their kid/s who are now geared for distance learning. So go share a bucket of app moms with kids. So there won’t be a gap in their education.

Who wouldn’t yield to this new normal lifestyle when almost everyone is on a social distancing phase? And many are afraid to go outside for a semblance of normalcy.

Doing grocery has to be spaced, shopping online is overrated, while connecting with friends and loved ones has to be kept at a low profile, or should I say long distance.

But for the unprepared in social media lingo, going online can be quite of a shock once you surf all the nitty-gritty content of many social media posts and comments on different issues hurled online.

I’m talking about above the rank topics that hug most feeds online like topics about the COVID-19 vaccine; the forthcoming elections; and even entertainment news.

Reading all these in one spell of free time can rub you off some negativity at the end of the day.

Yes, us old-fashioned moms can squeal this. Netsurfing these days are worlds apart from the early fledgling blogging days in 2005 when blogging is, at its early days of becoming popular in the country.

As there are rules in social interaction, there seem to be an unspoken rule as well in using social media nowadays. I refer to ethics in social media lingo and interaction.

Of course, we want to win friends and win work opportunities; but this article is not about that.

This is about the easy ways one can dispel a good climate of interaction in social media, hence the title, “How to Lose Friends On Social Media.”


Do not use !#* to express extreme expression.

Beware of those “special characters”.

With this, I mean one to be wary of using keyboard characters that have alternate meanings or purvey rude intention or thought.

An exclamation point such as using “!” at the end of a sentence or subheading, can express a loud sentiment or emotion and can encapsulate one’s message. But using it in red color (yes I have been seeing a lot), can actually subtly hint disrespect in tonality or voice.

Never use red in sentences. And please refrain from using an exclamation point in whatever social media interaction you engage in.

Mind your tone.

Try to stay away from using harsh words and tone in your sentence structure. Read and reread every sentence or comment you post.

We all talk differently. And write differently.

Some can be more formal. While others prefer to be light and conversational when talking online.

Know which one works best in the specific media you use. Whether it’s blogging, posting content on social media, or writing copy for an e-commerce site.

Each copy or post has to be an easy read and pleasant freer of negativity. It must not be bespoke with condescend phrases like “you cannot do this… or that”.

If your intent in writing is formal let it have boundaries and proper structuring.

If it’s conversational keep it friendly. Most content in social media are flat-out frank and has that “thinking aloud” innuendo.

Make sure the sentence, comment, or copy cannot offend many.

Don’t share everything on social media.

Practicing some sort of restraint in the use of social media can be ultimately good.

Back home a lot of people have fought, parted ways, and lost the good faith of their friends and FB acquaintances because they shared a lot already.

These are not just true for celebrities but even for ordinary people with the eagerness to make it big in social media.

But in their earnestness to earn a lot of followers and likes, they have to bite into the truth that their privacy and personal boundary can be put to a test already, just by commenting on social media.

So just to be safe, when one is so unsure if it will eventually gain a dislike and rather unfollows, it is best not to post, write or hint an opinion or lifestyle that is not acceptable to prevailing culture in one’s locality.

As social media patron, one has to really toe the line between what is needed and what must be kept private.

Sharing all can ultimately spell the easiest ways to lose many friends.

So, turn off the commenting feature. Or stop sharing posts. The buck stops with each and every individual online.

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Why I Think Blogging Is Still Better Than Vlogging

Choose your voice. Your media.

There is an unwritten rule in the spoken verse that one has to always send the right message to an audience in order to be effective.

For the generation vloggers, vlogging is a great way to not only find avenues to speak, but reach an audience to connect with similar interests.

And it’s really great because videos that are fancily edited really show the creativity of our current vloggers. It’s a vlogging mine for ideas out there.

Meekly this writer would like to stay in the written word of sharing ideas.

Because I think blogging is good enough for a writer who doesn’t necessitate a video to complement her ideas in order to be understood.

For those who are simply curious why bloggers prefer to write content and present content without videos (although I cannot speak for the rest of all of bloggers), here sharing thoughts about this question:



Writing for a blog is much more analytical. It requires deeper thought and a fluency of ideas.

Vlogging in my own opinion, is more conversational and relatable to audiences hence, it appeals more to emotions.

While writing for a blog can be more cerebral.


With blogging, one can sway from formal tones to conversational language. And one can also write lengthily just as one would wish.


Admit it, vlogging can be pretty entertaining. It can present a variety of genre, in one episode.

Hosts and vloggers can actually flex their versatility and show their comedic skills while tackling serious issues.

Or they can repackage a seemingly mundane idea and make it more useful to their vlog followers.

Those challenges that vloggers can come up with are as creative as slapstick programs we often see on television. But it actually works for their followers.

With blogging, style of presentation is more flat, direct and idea-specific. It doesn’t need gimmickry or fancy dialogues in order to be accepted.

You can simply switch from reading a written content to another, without being served with a lot of special text and sound effects.


Blogging roots back to the middle of decade 2000, when social media is just at its infancy stage in the country. And the ordinary are looking for ways to express their opinion or to be heard by others.

And it does not need commercial support in order to stand.

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Get Motivated with These Simple Tips

Sure you can find a reason to be up and running to make things work.

How has the pandemic turned your perspective in terms of motivation?

Let us not dwell on the numbers that are out there. And the 1s and the zeros of the digital lifestyle right now.

By motivation, I mean going back to our innate strength of being one with nature. Sans all the superficialities of the modern lifestyle.

Back home, a lot of moms have as I wrote previously in my blog, gone into “farming” or “urban gardening”.

Rising up in the morning to take care of some backyard potted plants which can be herb plants to landscape cum ornamental plants, can give a breathe of fresh air into one’s activities.

This also allows one to detoxify from too much social media or round-the-clock computer use because of work-from-home setup that are the most convenient these days to have.

Having to live in the new normal requires a lot of tenacity for the mundane and the trivial.

Since one cannot simply get out, take a vacation or probably go for a mile-long approach to planning one’s career in whatever age you are in, simplifying one’s routine and doing new things can be motivation to go back to work and give it a new breadth of inspiration.

Here are other activities you can try doing even when your staying indoors or going about your daily tasks or work:

  1. Take potshots of your wayfare lifestyle (wayfare used in this line is a hyperbole of sorts). By this I mean paying attention to the news, and the little details that confound your necessities. Is there any room for improvement you recently got caught up in? Then probably you can write or mention it in your blog. This is often used when raising for help for other people. Social media feeds that highlight other people’s needs.

You can actually make it your own by writing about how things can improve in times of pandemic. Suggest ways to make resources available. Or make things simpler.

Share your thoughts on anything that are staples in your home or work life. This way you are embracing positivity by empowering others with knowledge of how to make things better for you and for others.

2. List down your blessings.

Finding it hard to find something to smile or look forward to in your day? List down what you have and what makes you happy that are within your reach. Take note of the things that others don’t have. Then, probably this can be your little jar of happy notes you can look back to any time, when you need motivation.

3. Take pictures of your moments.

Moments may not always be personal or relationship-centered. It may be about developments in your life that gave you a boost of confidence or happiness.

Did you make some changes in the interior of your house? Did you learn a new hobby during these times that you never expect you can simply pick up and learn? Chronicle your little victories. Little joys. Those moments you may not necessarily share with others but are your personal successes nevertheless.

Stay happy readers.

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What’s Your Milestone Moment Since COVID-19 Came?

Fated to Write by Anna lemon photo

Down with the negative, bleak forecasting for this post and brave a new call to be more amiable in looking forward to the future, instead.

It has been a stressful, highly-emotional year which is almost coming to a close, two months plus from now. So what’s our take from this lifestyle altering COVID-19 phase?

We cannot go the other way and keep on staying still, fraught with dreams and goals.

As tradition would have it, as the year concludes, success-minded or ambitious individuals find ways to explore and probably share new goals to those who matter- to their kid/s, their loves or to the community.

Because that is how one can move forward– renewed amidst a challenging COVID-19 sad bespoke, scene for everyone.

The Outlook We Make Out of It, Can Set the Tone for Change


What can you say or state, that drove you to start over or fight over during these times?

Is it:

“I can do it?”

“Everything will come to pass.”

Or is it:

“God will make a way…?”

I think, before the year halts to make way for the New Year that is just about 60 days more from now, we must write our own cheerleader statement to help us not just to cope, but to find things new, in all the things that happened.


What is your milestone moment for the year? Was it a happy or a lesson-centric moment?

By staying home and being detached from the usual social setting, one can finally make sense of the change that came ever since COVID-19.

Did you love more or less? Did you have more friends in times of adversity or did you notice people’s attitudes have changed notably?

It is what it is, a crisis that can change the fate of many can change the attitudes of plenty.

So how can one define his/her milestone moment and make some lemonades out of all the stress that came?


Presence tells it all. Presence means love, because it equates to time.

Saying “hi, what’s up how have you been coping?,” to another individual can actually make or break a person’s day.

But one thing is sure, that sense of “me with others” must always be there.

So create your milestone.

Even without saying anything.

And move forward slowly, post-COVID-19.

Thank you for reading Fated to Write by Anna.

What Makes Social Distancing Unhealthy

Let’s go through the other side of the coin. And be open to opinion.

It has been months since the world has embraced a new normal that is social distancing.

And given the numbers all over, and the efforts made by authorities, from the medical profession down to the private citizens, the importance of SOCIAL DISTANCING these days when the COVID-19 scare weaves very much into the fiber of every human conversation, let us sit down and look the other way this time, to weigh on the OTHER FACTS OF SOCIAL DISTANCING.

This is being written from the perspective of a woman, who’s also a mom and who has read and watched almost all the NEWS-es about COVID-19.

And this is not to stir debates but rather to open our “other” opinion to the long-term effects of SOCIAL DISTANCING; not just to women but to the very loved ones we hold to protect from the virus scare.

What We Can Miss Out on the Other Truths of Social Distancing

  1. We are social beings, not created to be alone but to be with others– most especially the kids.

Prolonged social distancing, taking into account the pros of how it protects of our acquaintances and loved ones, CAN WORK AGAINST US. Against our nature us normal functioning individuals who were procreated to be “valuable” to society.

By being socially alone, we deny ourselves to be productive. And we deny our kid’s rights to know the world and grow as individuals of their own.

How safe is safe inside the home and how long is too long for social distancing? This is the question we must weigh in our hearts, REALLY.

2. We were not created to live as machines–immune from viruses, diseases, and 100 percent clean.

This is not to dishearten the people who made a lot of efforts already these times of increased health awareness.

But, we as men are also inclined to self-protect for a good cause, but this does not mean we can be infallible while taking precautions in health and in our interactions with other people.

It is an imperfect world, nature is predisposed to evolve, to grow, thrive and grow old, wilt even.

With prolonged social distancing, we are hiding from the very nature of our being human, and that is to live in a bigger world, where we can grow and learn as human beings.

Sickness are realities, pandemic is a sad truth, for all. But prolonged social distancing can be just as harmful to all.

Stay happy and proactive, even amidst the COVID-19 situation dear readers.

Please keep on reading- Fated to Write by Anna.

These TV Programs Can Be A Good Watch for Moms

Need to stock up on your mommy entertainment quotient? These you may find relaxing and motivational moms…


If it is stress or lack of it is what you have been dealing with these days, a good sum of television entertainment (old or new programs) can help. I know being in the loop of “must-know” news updates can be a priority for older moms, but a good fare of television entertainment can be just as relaxing and entertaining even.

Here, my list of favorites which I find just as good to switch channels in favor of:


TINY HOUSE- What’s not to like? Homeowners are treated to a bevy of ideas on how to rework or refashion a house, a tiny house that is, to make sure that it fits a couple or a family’s lifestyle needs.

The show also opens up audiences to some challenges like pushing them to “rethink” their house space requirements to make that transition from a big house to a smaller house; and have a more practical, yet still comfy lifestyle.

The show can also give viewers some ideas on how to maximize a home space potential. From customized vanity stations to exclusive his/her home spaces, all these can be watched from the Tiny House show.


FRIENDS– the iconic show of the 90’s decade.

Detox from social media use and watch instead some hearty entertainment from the good ‘ole FRIENDS program, starring Jennifer Aniston, Matt Le Blanc, Matthew Perry, Courteney Cox, David Schwimmer and Lisa Kudrow.

Their brand of comedy as cast icons of FRIENDS, are STILL very amiably effective. Watching the FRIENDS show can not only be relaxing, but also a good way to make your homestay more “friendly” away from the cares of the day.

What are your favorite shows- classic or new? Keep it hearty. Please like or comment and thank you for reading Fated to Write by Anna.

The Home school Checklist for Moms

For first-timers, it can take a lot of adjustments and expectations-setting for parents of homeschoolers.

Now that social distancing is suggested even for education, it can be a new turf for moms who would have to ask themselves: how would my kid learn at home without direct face to face interaction?

Herein your full support as a parent could kick in.

These are what you need to have in check:


As a parent, more assignments and activities can be done online with homeschooling. There are specific education-related blogs and pages that can assist moms for this journey.

Lessons and reading materials can come as handouts, or accessed through e-learning recommendations from school or homeschool institutions.

These materials would have to supplement the lessons you’ve prepared–whether it’s a curriculum standard, or that which is suggested by the education department of your home country.

But do know that as a home stay educator, you need to allot specific hours for the homeschooling.

And this schedule must be consistent to your kid’s optimum learning time.

If your kid is more active and open to learning home school lessons at a specific time– whether in the morning, or in the afternoon, make time adjustments consciously and regularly as a mom/teacher.


Minor details like internet connection, gadget availability and memory card or storage can interfere with your kid’s home school learning.

Unarguably you need to CHECK your gadgets, which have to be in efficient working status.

Opt to list down the items you would require to teach and that your kid would need to use for the homeschool lessons.


If it’s a new experience as a parent to follow a certain routine and have a methodical approach to teaching, then be prepared to manage your kid’s behavior while understanding his learning curve.

There would be instances when your kid would not be as receptive to a specific lesson, especially when the topic or subject matter does not appeal or is not included in his favorite subjects.

Less enthusiasm from your kid must not curtail your own enthusiasm to teach as a parent.

When lack of interest to learn during home school time happens, adjust your standards and follow your kid’s interest.

Adjust the lessons and tailor your home school activity in such a way that can improve the interest of your kid to learn.

These are some ways you can do so:


  • Create visuals and learning charts. Rather than simply giving a kid with printed or e-learning materials, attract the interest of your kid to learn the home school lessons by customizing learning aids. With these, your lessons can be made more “fun”, and not boring. Access graphics and music sites that can better your teaching strategy and inspire a better reaction from your kid to learn the lessons.
  • Practice lesson spacing or manage your teaching intervals. Observe the thirty-minute or less lesson time per subject for your gradeschooler. You can also rotate the lessons and subjects for the day. Try not to condense all the lessons in one sitting. Give ample space for kiddie breaks.

What do you think about homeschool? Cheers to all moms who would be doing the teaching for this school year!

Thanks for reading Fated to Write by Anna.

3 Coping Ideas for Moms Who’ve Had Enough of the Quarantine

Is prolonged home stay choice to shy away from the COVID-19 even possible for us as social beings?

This is the question that can be thrown at any adult/s. Us who are used to live socially, and designed to interact with others.

I guess the solitude of being home would and could– push any adult to confront this truth.

How long can you hold against that urge to get out and seek the sunshine?

Let us check out what happens when we are home away from our regular routine as we’ve been accustomed to, us oldies.


You would feel that term- Fear of missing out (FOMO).

It is a normal sentiment.

You’d feel a certain disconnect from the usual places you go to. And the people you often see.

That feeling of getting left behind if you can relate to this thought.


Because even if you’re at home, the world keeps on turning.

And so are others who are part of the circle of activity, those whose services are necessitated by the situation.

Being updated with news can be not enough.

Simple looking out or staying within the confines of your community can still give you that feeling of isolation.

Who wouldn’t want to get back the way it used to. Can you beat that thought?

The truth is social distancing is a necessity of manners and conduct these days because people and majority believe so that this is the good thing.

But deep inside that quaint feeling of us humans can fight that.

Because you are a person whose meaning can be intertwined with the purpose of other men. And being in quarantine can defeat that same purpose.

How do you thus cope as adults?



Here are my some coping ideas for us moms to get this through this phase of new normal:


Frequent room stay and inactivity if you’re a healthy person can develop a pessimist attitude in you.

It can also slow down your energy to do things and stick to your routine.

So when you’ve been feeling that “lull” to move around and it is not your usual practice, then beat that thought and think of things to accomplish other than your usual routine.


Detox from social media that dump all the bad news and facts that further instill fears.

Load up on helpful creative emotional feeds.

Or simply talk to positive people you know are kind enough to share their time to listen to you or share their inspiring words even.


Turn that glass upside down and see what else you can do with your better time.

Honestly, you don’t have to list them all in your bucket list.

Just go beyond your usual routine as moms or adults.

And do something for yourself that can get your creativity and sense of purpose really working despite of being home.

Stay safe everyone. Thank you for reading Fated to Write by Anna .

4 Tips When Shopping For Grocery Essentials

You must have done some shopping through your favorite online shop. These days, it has been about convenience shopping.

How have you been shopping for your essentials?

Do you go to the store’s location or have you settled for shopping thru online stores instead that’s been very popular these days?

It would take awhile to get things back to normal.

And since even the biggest of companies and businesses are valuing the concept and strategy of online shopping, here below are some tips for newbie shoppers who are still a nomad when it comes to buying essential items from an online shop:

1. Browse thru the shop first. Read thru the posts and know the details of the products given.

Different merchants can have policies that are unique to their shop hence, it will be practical to distinguish which would be most comfortable to shop from.

2. It wouldn’t be unwise to compare online shops offering grocery items and home essentials.

Competition is tough online whether you’re a buyer or the owner of a business.

So it will be nicer if you can at least have two or more shops available to get your usual products from.

Have a list of shops you’d like to frequent.

Stocks of online shops especially food and home essentials can be limited or can be depleted due to the high number of product requests.

It is better to be familiar with more than one shop that can provide your usual essentials while many are on a social distancing measure.

3. Review feedbacks and comments.

If you’re after product quality, make sure you note the comments and feedbacks of the shop’s clients.

4. Don’t be shy to impose your standards or expectations when buying products online.

The price of goods or products must not dictate the quality of the product being sent to you upon purchase.

Make sure a product is well-packaged and up to the product promises you’ve read online.

Actual products can look different from simple photos.

And the specifications or claims given by merchants could be different from your expectations. Don’t be afraid to clarify before buying a product.

Thank you for reading Fated to Write by Anna

Two words. Statement.

When counting the days, to go back to normal, these are the words you can say…

These are my thoughts when business opens. Yes. As a woman, business means, going to the regular places you frequent, even with a mask on, like doing the grocery, visiting the beauty shop and seeking the sunshine as it waifs on you with morning greet.

Let’s forget the acronyms. ECQ. GCQ. And discuss choices. What choices have you been left to pick up after all these?

For one, we can pick up the truth of the new standard in going out. And doing the tasks at hand, as a mom, as a parent, or as a worker perhaps.

Don a mask. Of course.

Add a face shield.

Remember the distance.

Anyway, the promixity you have to another rests on the heartbeat right?

Then you get a dose or a shot of reality.

Some businesses may entirely close, yes, even you’re most familiar with (the laundry shop, of course!). And that school for your kids, will not be the same again, for the meantime.

(pardon the whine,) Just wine.

…or have a pomelo drink.

So, here are my few two word statements we can all say as we brave for the new lifestyle of social distancing.


Yes, COVID-19 is not a reason to go after another and hate another. Understand, we are all the same, in need for the basic necessities and seeking normal lives.


You know everyone needs at least one or two in their list of daily necessities. But don’t bottle up your thoughts. Just let it out in the open.

Seek assistance. Share your story.

So those who have the means to help or at least make some opportunities even, would be rung by the truth that social distancing does not mean, living alone.

It is a big, big world. And people with big hearts, you can find even amidst uncertainty.

STAY BEAUTIFUL. OR KEEP YOUR HEART PLEASANT. (Okay that’s more than two words).

Veer away from grumpy emojis. And don’t train yourself to be lonely because of what’s happening around you.

Do what you can. Even in tiny steps. Help yourself.

Be beautiful. And pleasant. Because happiness is contagious.

Stay safe and thank you for reading- Fated to Write by Anna.