What’re Luxe These Days

These items speak “status” in times of COVID-19.

Truth be told that people would better opt for practicality and comfort when almost everyone is scrimping on expenses.

But different people have different reasons for choosing what, where or what needs to have in their daily bucket.

Still, the demand for luxe is still there, yes even in times of economic crunch and social distancing.

These days, a lot of ordinary lifestyle items can be considered luxury because of cost considerations, sourcing availability and questions on timeliness for buying.

So fab or drab, these are definitely luxe:

1. Grazing trays or holiday gift packs

It has all the right poshness. And it’s all a personal choice.

But having a bevy of assorted food items from wine to expensive snacks, and delicatessen that is not usually available to the general buyers can be considered luxury.

At first look these grazing trays you can easily order from online shops, definitely spell luxe for an ordinary household.

But if you’re in a hurry to satisfy your food cravings, then you can get these grazing trays (others call it “gift packs” it’s all the same for me). Everything you want, or you’d like the recipient to have in one goodie basket of surprise items that’s perfect for Christmas).

2. Skincare

For me, skincare is as essential as the usual grocery items one can buy.

But popular skincare items are few and sparse in nearby stores especially if you’re brand specific. An option to have is to get organic skincare that can not only be better for the environment but also friendlier to use.

3. Party clothes or dresses

Shoppers are buying only the essentials these days.

So to buy expensive clothes or RTWs no matter how versatile these can be in completing one’s OTD, have to be considered luxe.

A mom’s usual practical choice is to go look over one’s old clothes’ rack and see which items can be restyled, or updated. Or look for previously worn clothes that can go from day to night wear, or that which can be paired up or paired down with other clothing essentials.


Silk ensemble- sleeveless and shorts can be dressed together in a blazer or trench coat.

A long stretchy dress that gives a lot of air comfort can be used not just as day wear but a homewear/ loungewear.

The important thing to know is dressing up whether in luxe or practical style is to: mix and match those clothing pieces– to create a seamless luxe to practical and practical to luxe fashion.

CREATIVITY thus is key.

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Finding Honesty in Social Media

So much. So soon. Such favor.


Check your photos.
Your relationship status.
Your show and tell.

Disclaimer: This article does not intend to put any individual, group, association, any person with a particular belief, religion, profession, or industry affiliation in a negative light.

Readers who do not identify with the same opinion are free to surf out from reading this article.

This is an opinion piece and the writer does not represent any political, religious, ideological, or professional views in publishing this piece.

The writer holds that this is merely written to better the content of social media for kids to teen readers who have freeway access to social media and internet sites.

Your liberal understanding in the topic discussed is thus politely requested.

How much openness is enough in order to earn likes and gain authenticity in social media? From what I have been reading back home and yes, in many other sites, a lot. A lot of openness, to a fault of sacrificing privacy.

As we surf from turf to turf; page to page, we see many contents that show not just skin, but women in full regalia of bare, celebrating the uniqueness of their womanhood.

No qualms about showing. If it asserts femininity without conditions. And without regret.

But when we intersperse skin-showing pictures with text in blatant language, words that do not show politeness, and statements that go beyond frankness that all jump above acceptable ethics in human relations, that I think is a problem.

Especially when these are flaunted and much-vaunted for in social media, for popularity’s sake.

These days, who dares refute that, “content is king?”.

But as we can see, it is not content but sensationalism that really matters in the heyday of social media influence. THAT GOOD OLD journalism “must not do” ideal, is alive and kicking to this day, in the era of millennials. And this writing faux pas has permeated into the realm of social media. Where the acceptable adage or right of way seems to be:

“Make it controversial.”

“Make it intriguing in order to be read.”

“Show yourself.”

Because TOO MUCH is not too much.

You have to earn likes and shares. And not hide from everyone, right?

And there goes our right to privacy.

So much. So soon. Such favor for those who do not share in the beauty of your life.

Browse over some fan comments and you read not love, but an expression of the contrary.

And our popular celebrities do feel the pinch and tinge of sacrifice they have to do in order to hold fame in their hands.

Can we get more value in content that is not outright OUTTHERE, PLAIN BARE, and cursive in the language (euphemism)?

I think many are enjoying these times of the “look at me and wonder” generation. Because fame has become acceptable, yes maybe trivial, but totally within reach of everyone.

Honesty served, honesty rejected,

when all the comments matter.

To be in my forties, writing still and reading more, I cannot help but ask: are we not better than this slew of show and tell content?

Okay, there might be felt of need to show wealth and how far one has come.

Or maybe any slightest news is a big tell for others, no matter how indistinct or otherwise you are.

But can honesty in social media grow your self-love and image later on in life, when the klieg lights have faded and the followers have aged?

Fans’ attitudes have changed through the years.

Readers have become not just scrutinizing but also well-placed in sharing their feelings and emotions when a certain picture or statement hurts them or earns their disapproval directly.

EVEN IF THE CONTENT CREATOR does not aim to do so.

There is so much sharing on social media these days. Boundaries have blurred decency in digital conversations.

Perhaps we are growing our pride and not lifelong learnings each time we make ourselves visible on social media.

What is left of honesty, when we’ve shared everything already?

And left nothing for us to hold in our raw hearts to ponder?

HOW CAN OUR youngsters delineate what’s acceptable behavior in communication and what’s not, when those who preceded them have shown that the digital world is the only world that matters?

By sharing too much in social media, we let go of our true capacity to live in the real world of adults, where there is decency and withheld brazenness of attitude.

So I opine honesty in social media may not always do us good, if many are bound to reject their own authenticity, just to accept what is popular and what is trending.

Honesty must be rejected when lines of decency have famished and flaunting has become too much for the kids to read and take.

Make honesty count. The right way.

Because in social media, everyone’s gaze does not always mean a favorable like.

Thank you for reading Fated to Write by Anna.

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Why I Think Blogging Is Still Better Than Vlogging

Choose your voice. Your media.

There is an unwritten rule in the spoken verse that one has to always send the right message to an audience in order to be effective.

For the generation vloggers, vlogging is a great way to not only find avenues to speak, but reach an audience to connect with similar interests.

And it’s really great because videos that are fancily edited really show the creativity of our current vloggers. It’s a vlogging mine for ideas out there.

Meekly this writer would like to stay in the written word of sharing ideas.

Because I think blogging is good enough for a writer who doesn’t necessitate a video to complement her ideas in order to be understood.

For those who are simply curious why bloggers prefer to write content and present content without videos (although I cannot speak for the rest of all of bloggers), here sharing thoughts about this question:



Writing for a blog is much more analytical. It requires deeper thought and a fluency of ideas.

Vlogging in my own opinion, is more conversational and relatable to audiences hence, it appeals more to emotions.

While writing for a blog can be more cerebral.


With blogging, one can sway from formal tones to conversational language. And one can also write lengthily just as one would wish.


Admit it, vlogging can be pretty entertaining. It can present a variety of genre, in one episode.

Hosts and vloggers can actually flex their versatility and show their comedic skills while tackling serious issues.

Or they can repackage a seemingly mundane idea and make it more useful to their vlog followers.

Those challenges that vloggers can come up with are as creative as slapstick programs we often see on television. But it actually works for their followers.

With blogging, style of presentation is more flat, direct and idea-specific. It doesn’t need gimmickry or fancy dialogues in order to be accepted.

You can simply switch from reading a written content to another, without being served with a lot of special text and sound effects.


Blogging roots back to the middle of decade 2000, when social media is just at its infancy stage in the country. And the ordinary are looking for ways to express their opinion or to be heard by others.

And it does not need commercial support in order to stand.

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How to Have Inspired Writing

There should be no writer’s block when you’ve got all of these attitudes.

There is a reason why writer’s can’t let go of the writing profession despite the fact that it can be one of the most underestimated jobs in the Philippines.

The word is fulfillment. And another that can go is PASSION.

The passion to create something which starts from an idea, is what fuels a writer’s mind to go write and delve into a profession that can be outdated in the age of algorithm, or downplayed in the age of technology.

But writers are there for a purpose.

And sometimes it’s not always evident to others.

They are there to inspire, to cause action or to dispel fakes and uplift authenticity.

There can be no writers without creativity.

Creativity brings depth and movement, of color and brilliance to one’s work.

If you are a budding writer or a student wanting to go hark at this profession, below are some ideas on how you can keep pace with the challenges in the writing profession.

And be better as you age or go move forward to other writing styles and niches.


  1. The hunger to write.

A newbie must have an attitude that compels one to write without expectations or safety nets.

Safety nets in this article point to the, “what if” and “but…”, that a writer can think about before writing a certain topic.

How will the readers accept, like or share this specific story, content and writing style.

These thoughts can actually be limiting to the creativity process.

And yes even during the times of the new normal which affect many writers’ work challenges, having safety nets can hamper one’s hunger to write with creativity.

Because writers must continue to hone their skills, not to flaunt, but to improve one’s self all the more.

2. A genuine aspiration to make a difference.

It’s not all about work goals and self-improvement.

There should be a loftier ambition for writers to improve their talents.

Because writers must also aspire to stir change or create change in the lives of others. By drawing attention to issues and opinions that matter. To stories that inspire or leave a lesson. And turn in writings that give others a chance to have a better life.

Does your writing reflect current realities or does it aim to write about a better ideal for others to follow?

For example, news stories are more grounded on facts. While features can be personality or brand-oriented.

While speeches and lifestyle articles have more areas to go around at. These include data, testimonials, photos, interviews and more.

While poetry can be relatable or mundane; touching or strikingly plane.

Know your aspirations as a writer and what you aim to achieve should you go for this profession for good.

From there go find courage to be the best writer you can be.

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This One is Worth A Pre-COVID throwback

What’s in your music playlist?

Music has always been a reliever of sorts– hyper accenting one’s tone or emotion in the best and worst of times.

The choices we have in the music we listen to can actually tell where we are at the moment–or where we are headed for.

Is it gonna be forward to a new normal kind of music? Or is it gonna be a music throwback that spans a timeline for originals, of covers or of classics?

In our local social media feeds, this writer has come to terms with the fact that popularity outsells the indie.

But there can be an exception.

Harking this one not for promotional sake but for pure music fan reasons– it’s nice to go back and listen to the songs we used to hear in our younger years. Just like the songs of the MOFFATs.

I chanced upon their cover in Facebook, with a music profile and there they showed unfainting sound for the kind of music they are most best at–mellow and easy listening.

But it was their rendition of “Lean on Me”, which they recorded on the streets, which actually reverberated a significance. The song mirrored a time of need for the people locally, who managed to enjoy the songs and stay happy in their quiet corner.

Music can uplift a weary wanderer with the hungry melancholy for the old normal.

It is kind of mushy and sort of a sweet recall to listen to the MOFFATS, as if to remind us back home that it doesn’t matter, when you’ve got each other, or at least, you know how to stay happy.

In our yearn to succumb to the gray pantone and not to the bright yellow call for liberation from a threatening virus, the MOFFATS extended hope and music to remember.

WHEN THE CHOICE BETWEEN GOING FOR THE HUES OF GRAY AND YELLOW puts us to a stall, it is always nice to settle for yellow.

Thank you for reading FATED TO WRITE by Anna.

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Decoding the Puzzle of Potted Plants

Is it all about having a green thumb or being still and waiting for your home plants to grow in time?

Backyard gardening and farming are much shared about by many celebs back home.

But for ordinary city dwellers, the nearest thing you can have to a real lush home garden is to get seedlings or buy potted plants where these can be bought best– at landscape supply stores, gardening stores, al-fresco dining haunts where you get to swing by for a short travel, stopover.

For me the most idyllic place to get a pot or two is in Tagaytay, where I find all things beautiful.

So pre-COVID scenario, I was on a plant-shopping binge. More than one I mean :).

Because I wanted to show and tell my kid about the beauty of nature in miniscule stalks.

But admittingly, I do not have a green thumb.

So the early days, months, has left me with a puzzle. And I go tell, “well if you can write, you can plant,” because it is easier.

But it isn’t.

You water a plant twice a day. Put it under sunlight so it can breathe outdoors.

And go make sure the leaves are as healthy as they can get.

Yet a day of being busy and hence remiss can actually turn a home plant into a state of wilt. Draining down weeks of work caring for the plant.

What needy clingy, plants. I go tell whenever one of my potted plants would dry out. And it becomes an utter fail on my end as a proud mom, and someone trying to be a plant muse. This is hyperbole of course.

But I tried and tried. And waited.

Decode this, easy little nature.

One thing I’ve learned while tending the plants is the art of waiting and letting things be.

Yes, no pushing, no questioning. Just let them grow in their own space and time.

Soon you can grow one or two, because of patience.

That dire need to look after the plant you got and picked from a beautiful garden–would have to grow. It’s all about care + time.

My oregano plant has been resuscitated magically. I didn’t think it can be.

My bridal bouquet plant has begun flowering good stalks again.

And my yellow bell, I wait once in a while to bloom with yellow bells— to my utter surprise and enjoyment.

Sometimes, little things, can and will make you happy.

In a world of still and great pause, it helps to go back and garden some more.

Stay happy and thank you for reading Fated to Write by Anna.

Holiday Upkeep: What’s in Your List?

Let’s Start With the Basics.

Whether you are keen on preparing for the holidays or decide on  letting the holidays pass by sans frills and confetti, spring cleaning is a seasonal thing. 

The holidays can signal a lot of things. With or without a pandemic, the holidays are reasonable time for merry-making and keeping in touch.

It’s also a nice opportunity to go on a housekeeping mode–which I think any grown up must do, at least twice a year to keep a house well-maintained.

So here I share some items which can be included in one’s spring clean bucket list:


Admittingly there are some office files that need to be stored for record purposes. Probably these have those creative work.  But, when files have earned a state of “oldness”, office files MUST be at least updated or cleaned. 

Maybe take photos of files and convert them digitally. Updating files can keep one’s house away from looking cluttered.  


Thrift is the word for budget-conscious homes these days. 

But clothes that no longer fit and with styles that no longer appeal can be labelled as “unwearable” and can thus be left out for recycling.

Some items which can be parted with by style-hunters and fashionista moms are maternity clothes, hand-me-down items or  thrifted clothes.  

Maybe this effort would pave way for new shopping adventures or for a good reason, help you to live a more minimalist lifestyle.


A decor is meant to prettify a space.

But a frumpy and almost wilted Christmas tree even when it’s just an artificial tree, must be given its proper vacay out already. 

Better recycle or be inventive using new materials as Christmas decor if new ones can’t be afforded, and when these actually no longer bring that Christmas-themed style.

The above list are my usuals. What’s in your home-keeping list?

Whether you live with the basics or in style, go chase the holidays with a spark of hope.  

Thank you for reading Fated to Write by Anna. 

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What’s Your Milestone Moment Since COVID-19 Came?

Fated to Write by Anna lemon photo

Down with the negative, bleak forecasting for this post and brave a new call to be more amiable in looking forward to the future, instead.

It has been a stressful, highly-emotional year which is almost coming to a close, two months plus from now. So what’s our take from this lifestyle altering COVID-19 phase?

We cannot go the other way and keep on staying still, fraught with dreams and goals.

As tradition would have it, as the year concludes, success-minded or ambitious individuals find ways to explore and probably share new goals to those who matter- to their kid/s, their loves or to the community.

Because that is how one can move forward– renewed amidst a challenging COVID-19 sad bespoke, scene for everyone.

The Outlook We Make Out of It, Can Set the Tone for Change


What can you say or state, that drove you to start over or fight over during these times?

Is it:

“I can do it?”

“Everything will come to pass.”

Or is it:

“God will make a way…?”

I think, before the year halts to make way for the New Year that is just about 60 days more from now, we must write our own cheerleader statement to help us not just to cope, but to find things new, in all the things that happened.


What is your milestone moment for the year? Was it a happy or a lesson-centric moment?

By staying home and being detached from the usual social setting, one can finally make sense of the change that came ever since COVID-19.

Did you love more or less? Did you have more friends in times of adversity or did you notice people’s attitudes have changed notably?

It is what it is, a crisis that can change the fate of many can change the attitudes of plenty.

So how can one define his/her milestone moment and make some lemonades out of all the stress that came?


Presence tells it all. Presence means love, because it equates to time.

Saying “hi, what’s up how have you been coping?,” to another individual can actually make or break a person’s day.

But one thing is sure, that sense of “me with others” must always be there.

So create your milestone.

Even without saying anything.

And move forward slowly, post-COVID-19.

Thank you for reading Fated to Write by Anna.

Manilascape Without the Sepia Effect

What is Manila like these days in an ordinary day? Here are some random shots, all images, plain peek.


Going to Manila can be a surreal this time around. You travel without the traffic, at least a chunky portion of it.

And you are left with that windswept thought effect– how this feels right to walk right on the streets, take a cab, enjoy the scene without the clutter and without the noise?

It was a quiet scene for most of Manila, in and outside the walled city.

Along the way shot, it’s a cloudy afternoon.
A number of people getting their way through the streets
while some stay on the side for a day’s pause.
Peaceful Manila scape.

What cityscape photos or outdoor shots do you have which kept you thinking about how the new normal has changed your lifestyle?

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What Makes Social Distancing Unhealthy

Let’s go through the other side of the coin. And be open to opinion.

It has been months since the world has embraced a new normal that is social distancing.

And given the numbers all over, and the efforts made by authorities, from the medical profession down to the private citizens, the importance of SOCIAL DISTANCING these days when the COVID-19 scare weaves very much into the fiber of every human conversation, let us sit down and look the other way this time, to weigh on the OTHER FACTS OF SOCIAL DISTANCING.

This is being written from the perspective of a woman, who’s also a mom and who has read and watched almost all the NEWS-es about COVID-19.

And this is not to stir debates but rather to open our “other” opinion to the long-term effects of SOCIAL DISTANCING; not just to women but to the very loved ones we hold to protect from the virus scare.

What We Can Miss Out on the Other Truths of Social Distancing

  1. We are social beings, not created to be alone but to be with others– most especially the kids.

Prolonged social distancing, taking into account the pros of how it protects of our acquaintances and loved ones, CAN WORK AGAINST US. Against our nature us normal functioning individuals who were procreated to be “valuable” to society.

By being socially alone, we deny ourselves to be productive. And we deny our kid’s rights to know the world and grow as individuals of their own.

How safe is safe inside the home and how long is too long for social distancing? This is the question we must weigh in our hearts, REALLY.

2. We were not created to live as machines–immune from viruses, diseases, and 100 percent clean.

This is not to dishearten the people who made a lot of efforts already these times of increased health awareness.

But, we as men are also inclined to self-protect for a good cause, but this does not mean we can be infallible while taking precautions in health and in our interactions with other people.

It is an imperfect world, nature is predisposed to evolve, to grow, thrive and grow old, wilt even.

With prolonged social distancing, we are hiding from the very nature of our being human, and that is to live in a bigger world, where we can grow and learn as human beings.

Sickness are realities, pandemic is a sad truth, for all. But prolonged social distancing can be just as harmful to all.

Stay happy and proactive, even amidst the COVID-19 situation dear readers.

Please keep on reading- Fated to Write by Anna.