Get Motivated with These Simple Tips

Sure you can find a reason to be up and running to make things work.

How has the pandemic turned your perspective in terms of motivation?

Let us not dwell on the numbers that are out there. And the 1s and the zeros of the digital lifestyle right now.

By motivation, I mean going back to our innate strength of being one with nature. Sans all the superficialities of the modern lifestyle.

Back home, a lot of moms have as I wrote previously in my blog, gone into “farming” or “urban gardening”.

Rising up in the morning to take care of some backyard potted plants which can be herb plants to landscape cum ornamental plants, can give a breathe of fresh air into one’s activities.

This also allows one to detoxify from too much social media or round-the-clock computer use because of work-from-home setup that are the most convenient these days to have.

Having to live in the new normal requires a lot of tenacity for the mundane and the trivial.

Since one cannot simply get out, take a vacation or probably go for a mile-long approach to planning one’s career in whatever age you are in, simplifying one’s routine and doing new things can be motivation to go back to work and give it a new breadth of inspiration.

Here are other activities you can try doing even when your staying indoors or going about your daily tasks or work:

  1. Take potshots of your wayfare lifestyle (wayfare used in this line is a hyperbole of sorts). By this I mean paying attention to the news, and the little details that confound your necessities. Is there any room for improvement you recently got caught up in? Then probably you can write or mention it in your blog. This is often used when raising for help for other people. Social media feeds that highlight other people’s needs.

You can actually make it your own by writing about how things can improve in times of pandemic. Suggest ways to make resources available. Or make things simpler.

Share your thoughts on anything that are staples in your home or work life. This way you are embracing positivity by empowering others with knowledge of how to make things better for you and for others.

2. List down your blessings.

Finding it hard to find something to smile or look forward to in your day? List down what you have and what makes you happy that are within your reach. Take note of the things that others don’t have. Then, probably this can be your little jar of happy notes you can look back to any time, when you need motivation.

3. Take pictures of your moments.

Moments may not always be personal or relationship-centered. It may be about developments in your life that gave you a boost of confidence or happiness.

Did you make some changes in the interior of your house? Did you learn a new hobby during these times that you never expect you can simply pick up and learn? Chronicle your little victories. Little joys. Those moments you may not necessarily share with others but are your personal successes nevertheless.

Stay happy readers.

Thank you for reading Fated to Write by Anna.

For comments and suggestions on topics to include in my blog, please leave a comment.

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