How To Get Back Into Writing When You Can’t

I know the feeling really. It’s a writer’s unfabulous time to be uninspired. That moment when you have to write. But you can’t. Yet deep inside, nothing can stop you from writing. Because you have to. And you must.

Get off the bus of ignonymity. Would you rather faint in shyness for writing it wrongly. Or would you rather write some more, even if it’s mediocre, cliche, or hackneyed even.

Writing takes practice. And commitment. And sometimes dare, during those times when your on a road of choices that seem to be lackluster. Or still.

That’s how it is and how it should be.

When faced with a roadblock, and you have to keep on writing, look outside for some inspiration. Or some thought-provoking situations that can push your creative ideas to be on a stir some more.

Let it be expressed. How do you love. How do you feel. Let that be seen in your work. Even as you try to work in objective fashion.

If writing must NOT be impassioned? Why write?

Writing is a flair to express and share. If one cannot share, let a stop gap be a reason to recharge and regain one’s muse.

But don’t stop writing.

Because if it’s the write vocation, profession, or the write love, then you’ll always go back to that same thing that calls your heart to write.

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Two words. Statement.

When counting the days, to go back to normal, these are the words you can say…

These are my thoughts when business opens. Yes. As a woman, business means, going to the regular places you frequent, even with a mask on, like doing the grocery, visiting the beauty shop and seeking the sunshine as it waifs on you with morning greet.

Let’s forget the acronyms. ECQ. GCQ. And discuss choices. What choices have you been left to pick up after all these?

For one, we can pick up the truth of the new standard in going out. And doing the tasks at hand, as a mom, as a parent, or as a worker perhaps.

Don a mask. Of course.

Add a face shield.

Remember the distance.

Anyway, the promixity you have to another rests on the heartbeat right?

Then you get a dose or a shot of reality.

Some businesses may entirely close, yes, even you’re most familiar with (the laundry shop, of course!). And that school for your kids, will not be the same again, for the meantime.

(pardon the whine,) Just wine.

…or have a pomelo drink.

So, here are my few two word statements we can all say as we brave for the new lifestyle of social distancing.


Yes, COVID-19 is not a reason to go after another and hate another. Understand, we are all the same, in need for the basic necessities and seeking normal lives.


You know everyone needs at least one or two in their list of daily necessities. But don’t bottle up your thoughts. Just let it out in the open.

Seek assistance. Share your story.

So those who have the means to help or at least make some opportunities even, would be rung by the truth that social distancing does not mean, living alone.

It is a big, big world. And people with big hearts, you can find even amidst uncertainty.

STAY BEAUTIFUL. OR KEEP YOUR HEART PLEASANT. (Okay that’s more than two words).

Veer away from grumpy emojis. And don’t train yourself to be lonely because of what’s happening around you.

Do what you can. Even in tiny steps. Help yourself.

Be beautiful. And pleasant. Because happiness is contagious.

Stay safe and thank you for reading- Fated to Write by Anna.

Un-doing the Complacency

How do you bounce back from a community quarantine?

It has been around three months and still counting. Back home where (almost) every facet of business has been suspended, except for government work and crucial basic services. And you check out the blogs and social media feeds of entrepreneurs struggling to make it work and fine. And their favorite hashtag of late: #bounceback.

Bounce back is like a rara call to pickup where everyone has left off. To rise after a fall. To renew after a wilt. To move on and keep on pushing, unrelented by stillness.

It is a motto to live amidst negativity. It is a statement we own when we all want a breathe of fresh air. Even when we know that the air we breathe outside our homes are not that fresh. Bounce back, you can.

These are some things worth thinking about when you hear that “hashtag”, so you know that there is no other option these days but to live optimistically, without fluttering in motivation:


Need we elaborate on this, that even if you find yourself in the edge of unexpected situation like the COVID-19, you have to use your time and relish it. Try to be productive and pray that things get better.


Forget about those who did not help you through. Just be thankful you did not need any help from others. That means you are very blessed.


Change comes and goes. As the world moves slowly–you wait. But this does not mean you choose to be complacent in envisioning and dreaming for the best. So, hope the best and work the best way you can for something that gives you meaning or happiness.

Stay safe. Thank you for reading Fated to Write by Anna.

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Trend spotting the New Normal: What’s In, What Flops These Days

Welcome trends in lifestyle.

If you’ve been in a hunt for change specifically trends on social these days, you can actually spot many already. Ever since the home quarantine took place to put people from all over the world in a state of relax, as in home stay, many have been prying for things to do to make their days more productive beyond the work away from office setting.

But before the new set of work-from-home (WFH) arrangement finally settles to make the newcomers comfortable, there is an ongoing trend in social media we can all expect to see more.

Check out the trends here which you can try in your off-WFH sked:

The rise of celebrity skills show-off on social media.

Your local stars showcasing their cooking, gardening or arts and crafts skills, are more posted recently.

Since many local celebrities have plenty of time in their hands, many personalities are opening up to let their fans in on their hobbies and likes, giving fans that feel of “what’s in a day like for them”.

You can join this trend of skills showcasing. Find out which hobby you intend to grow or improve on, while everyone is on a wait-and-see disposition to see things back to normal minus the COVID-19 fears. If you have a hobby which you are confident of promoting online, then flaunt it. Harness your skills to turn your hobby into something more fulfilling. You can even start your own business just by polishing your skills in cooking, painting, and other interests.

The leveling of big companies online to make their products more accessible to consumers.

Many retailers have turned online to make their products and services more reachable to their market. Gone are the days of internet selling being wanted only by micro business entrepreneurs. Now, even the biggest of companies locally have become “woke” in shifting their traditional product selling to harness the advantages of e-commerce.

Suffice to say, your favorite coffee brand now has a delivery service, while your popular school supply chain can now also be reached online. And more are coming in. Expect tougher competition though if you have an online store. So as not to be left behind by the competition, make your business more accessible by actively posting and reaching out to your consumers. These mean, being an e-commerce newbie can put you at a disadvantage. Even non-online shoppers have to join this trend of having to be more savvy in their social media skills to keep themselves tuned in to trends. And thus be able to have access to basic necessities online since most businesses are not accessible.

As for fashion, OTD’s have become (almost) irrelevant. Except for lounge or “plainclothes” wear.

Why is this trend worthy? This means consumers like you would have to expect simpler styles in clothing.

Expect then a leaning for minimalist styles and dressed down versions of clothes from your favorite brands and shops, to cater to the need for “practicality” and comfort of consumers and respond to the “new normal” in lifestyle.

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You Need To Do These To Make Others Comfortable Amidst ECQ

It is not yet over. Others predict it can last up to June. This home–setting situation pushed by the “enhanced community quarantine” which later would be reverted to “general community quarantine” back home, can not only be a challenging phase for parents but for kids as well. How does every one get by?

Perspective has a say. If you’re an optimist, your writings on the wall would be, “At last, a vacation!”. But if you’re goal-conscious or business-centered, it would come as a “loss of profits, waste of time,” social distancing statement. Whatever reaction you may have for, or against ECQ, maybe, just maybe there is something we can do to make the COVID-19 concern days more normal and at least, something that resonate positive experience for others.


ARE YOU AN OPTIMIST OR A REALIST? Do you prefer to be realistic and face the world with certainty that life comes and goes, and everything happens for a reason?

The ECQ phase can be a season of mending. Or a season of finding. How do you define yourself, as a mom or a dad? A worker or a housewife/house dad? Fine tune your definition of yourself. Able or not, there has to be a stage to get still or move on. Don’t let the ECQ hold you back from your dreams or from MAKING THINGS better.

Start with getting out of your “seen zone”. Inspire. Or motivate. These can work wonders in others.

Recipe For Improvement

Encapsulate happiness in your memories and express it in little ways. Expect less. Wait patiently. Let go when a day situation gets the best of you. Brave to be nice when others are not. Most importantly, be in touch with an attitude of hope. Because these count when everyone is already worried or probably waiting for things to go back to normal.

Inspire. Or be happy. these are how you can get over your quiet wait.

SHOW CARE. To a child, from a busy mom/dad. A pat on the back or a bump on the fist. Make sure to express to that person that “you are loved”. You are not on the seen zone.

WRITE SOME MORE. Extend value by personally handwriting a message or note to a recipient of your day cheer. Make it special. Don’t just wrap gifts especially when Mother’s Day celebration is coming already. Find ways to share a tinge of thought along with your gift of remembering.

FIND WANDERING HEARTS.  This means those who have forgotten how to love and be loved. Those who have been used to living on the fast-paced reality. A busy boss. A stern colleague. Whoever within your arm’s reach or within your capacity to HELP OR show KINDNESS TOO.

GIVE ADVISE WHEN YOU CAN. A simple way you can do to make OTHERS FEEL PART OF THE CIRCLE OF ESTEEM. Many people have stopped giving advise to others. To them it is their way of showing respect. You can also get yourself a chance to reach out and tell others how you think, why not? If it will push them to see from a different perspective of positive thought.

Shun what others may say when you give advise. Everyone is imperfect. But that does not mean you can’t share your advise on things. You don’t need to be a superhero to do this.

Because sometimes, others listen and share it to others. Meanwhile some may listen and adjust their actions. If it will create positive change- go give advise. And make others feel comfortable during ECQ. Thank you for reading- Fated to Write by Anna. For more of my posts, please keep on reading:

How Social Media Posts Can Help Maintain Positivity Despite the New Normal

It’s easy to dwell on the changes the COVID-19 situation present. But it’s also nice to be home swept with free time while learning.

Suddenly, we are compelled to be home. And it’s not just us but others. In mindful disposition of knowing how to stay home while keeping one’s normalcy of routine, turning to social media comes as the next best step to getting back–on equal footing with one’s active lifestyle, and deflate the negativity of being on a home quarantined state.

All is not on the negative square though. Social media posts can engage and update all of us with good posts and good read to keep your optimism alive despite social distancing and being in disconnect with usual human affairs. We need to keep on moving and making those goals. Try to fulfill them in the simplest way of life we have right now.


Content and posts must be inspiring.

These days, news feed about COVID-19 updates are hugging most pages on the internet. As social media users and content creators, one can still deviate from this category. And go for off-topic themes like giving self-help tips. You would be surprised how a simple “how to do an easy haircut” can be helpful and inspirational for home-based readers. Or how posts and content which give avenue for others to learn and update their skills can be fun for skill-learners/searchees online .

While on a home stay, these are some things you can actually do, to stay productive, and if you want to use your social media content or pages to help fellow motivate readers….

Your social media feed can show both music or humor. To help others cope during the ecq phase.

Engage in a light content that can make others happy . Try listening to Vanessa Hudgen’s Instagram post showing her in a singful tune of the teen pop favorite High School Musical , “Where All in This Together”. Or perhaps listen to Lea Salonga belting a tune, while showing her Instagram follower/fans, how to properly clean her hands. She made the seemingly ordinary routine became classy and heartwarming, along with her popular music tone, of course. Another example of positive use of social media is a vlog of Ellen de Generes while interviewing singer Pink. The latter shared anecdotes of her home quarantine days, while worrying about COVID-19. She also shared with Ellen’s vlog how she tried to keep things “normal” by doing the usual self-care routine she has as a woman (like putting on a nail polish, us women!). These content on social media can be uplifting to others because these describe the ordinary lives of celebrities that are relatable and peek-worthy for their fans and audiences. As a social media user, you can also opt to go this style, a dash of music and humor in your social media feeds.

REMEMBER, do POST with tact and push to inspire, or motivate good change in others. Most of all, as a reader, you can…


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The Home Quarantine Effect

How a Mom Makes Sense of It In The Early Weeks

We don’t have a choice really these days in a period of being home quarantined and all are advised to practice social distancing to keep us safe or at least keep others safe, too.

It is a call of conscience and a call of responsiveness to practice restraint in our daily activities while the COVID-19 concern is out there, still waiting to find a solution.

And as moms, what brave a mind like her during these days when the entire fam is at home? What to do and how to stock up on necessary resources and supplies when the buying and availability of food and other essentials like food are put to a halt while those in the front liners -from government officials to medical workers work their space to serve others?

As a mom the only thing we can actually do is to take a breather–recoup the possibility of negation during the spate of realities and try to be productive as much.

These are how the enhanced community quarantine has affected the lives of some and many back home in the Philippines, while the ECQ is in effect:

The must-wear ID pass or quarantine pass.

In the first weeks, city residents were still allowed to go around with not much of restrictions in movement. Private individuals simply had to exercise their own call of propriety in deciding whether “to go out or not”, and everyone was cautioned to wear masks and practice social distancing.

About two weeks ago, community ID’s were given and only 1 person is allowed to own it. That same designated individual can go out and get food, and attend to some external errands or other official work related activities.

Business hours and establishments were affected.

Stringent measures were imposed in commercial areas.

The hours that people can access usual establishments one can ply to were generally open in the initial two weeks. Some businesses kept on limited run on restricted business deals. But of late these were entirely shut from the public to further help the government’s effort to avert increase in the COVID-19 situation.

Convenient stores for example were open and there were still patrons who would come in. But adjustments were made. People were advised to wear masks- implied or on direct suggestion. There were gel and sanitizers at the doorstep and customers lining up for the counters to pay must take necessary precaution when going up close to the cashier’s counter to pay.

Delivery services from food to courier were still available in the early weeks but these were carefully-screened.

Social media posts became personal, newsy or lifestyle-driven.

Locally, social media posts centered on news about how the latest developments on the COVID problem.

Numbers were rising by the day and NGOs and private individuals are stepping up to their plate to help out.

From doing homemade, designer created or do-it -yourself facial masks; to making alcohol sanitizers available even online as these were some of the products being easily used up these times, many were trying to make things bearable yet ordinary as days passed during the ECQ.

The social media posts for women were mostly about family activities and homestay activities.

Everyone was trying to make things better despite the situation.

The walkathon can be challenging. But it became a necessary activity to surpass day to day timeline.

Good if you drive or if you are a car-owner. But if you want to simplify and get your needs at the nearest area without much of a frill, then what you go for is to TAKE A WALK.

People were cautioned to go out in limited numbers and had to have their cars or vehicles registered at the community level. Expect to be stopped by be person in military uniform asking about your where to details.

So all you can do is to politely stop when you’re in the motor, and politely oblige to the prying.

Otherwise, you go for the long, longer, longest walk of your stay in the community to get what you need- buy food, get items essential etc.

So these are the after effects of the COVID-situation back home.

By the end of the day, all we can do to make things better is to really pray, and hope for things to settle and go back to normal.

This is Fated to Write by Anna. Stay happy despite of the sit, and keep on reading to get your lifestyle, feature or opinion articles here on my site.

Social Distancing: How to Impose It To Your Kid While Keeping Activity At Home

There is nothing much a kid can do while at home.

No schoolwork. No opportunity to socialize with kid/s of the same age group.

Socialization is important for kid/s in their growing years. Because it is a period of learning for them.

It is when a kid gets to improve on his/her language skills. Language skills are best honed in the company of not only a reliable formal education or training but also with the help of socialization with friends, significant people and helpful members in the community.

But in the days when parents are left with no option but to stay home and join a global campaign for social distancing, what can parents do but to wait for things to get better?

Here is when a parent’s resourcefulness can step in. How to keep kid/s busy at home while allowing him/ them with an opportunity to learn and have fun?

Here are some suggested activities which you may have not yet tried as a family bonding activity:

  1. Get Into Some Homebound Sports.

Try to keep a kid active and get some ballgame into action. Whether you’re a mom or a dad maybe it’s time to fill in the vacant bench and join your kid for a ball game. Think about badminton, basketball or a mini-soccer game done within the space of your house.

If work has prevented you from being with your kid for a fun ball or sporty game, now is a time to have a kid sporty moments without necessarily going outdoors.

Let the game begin for your kid and try to keep things as sunny as possible even in a home quarantine situation.

2. Communicate With Your Kid.

If hours have been missed for work or other domestic duties, home stay is a good time to catch up. Get to know about his interests.

Make it a pitch time for him/her to tell you as a parent about his/her likes, wants, interests or anything that strikes his/her kiddie energy.

From there motivate your kid so when the home quarantine is off, your kid has a brighter idea and greater motivate to do the things that can make him/her happy while being a kid.

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